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Tokens can be used for almost any application - whether it's a coin operated business (like a car wash, Laundromat or family entertainment center) using them in place of quarters, a zoo helping to save the planet one token at a time or a brewery reviving a tradition that dates back to the 1800's. 

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Morale Welfare Recreation token
December 18, 2015


Custom Tokens Simplify Cash Handling for Fort Benning Festivals and Events


TokensDirect Internal Article
Save Water stock token design
November 19, 2015

New Stock Token Designs Tout Water Savings of Car Washes

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Austin Aquarium Animal Food Token
November 12, 2015

“Sea-ing” is Believing After a Token Change in Aquariums

Tourist Attractions and Parks Sept/Oct 2015
Stock Tokens
September 1, 2015

Using tokens rather than quarters or cash to activate start cycles or extend-time at car washes can help eliminate theft and vandalism, especially in unattended areas where these problems are most prevalent. Often the repairs required to replace faceplates and coin mechanisms when thieves break into coin boxes far exceed the value of the cash loss.

Custom car wash tokens
August 14, 2015

Switchover from Quarters Yields More Than a Token Boost in Sales & Profits

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Professional Carwashing & Detailing
Lazer Kraze custom brass tokens
August 7, 2015

Lazer Kraze selects Tokens Direct for sponsorship tokens 

Playmeter E-Article 8-4-15
Germania Oktoberfest custom aluminum tokens
July 16, 2015


(Cincinnati, OH) - For the thousands of visitors that go each year, Oktoberfest is a time honored tradition: a time to indulge in traditional German culture, food, and beers. This year, visitors got all that—and some schnitzel to boot, without any of the standing in line or fishing through wallets for exact change that until this year had been part of the time-honored tradition.


Recognition Tokens
July 9, 2015

Whether on a personal or professional level, everyone wants to be praised for a job well done.  There are multiple studies showing that people value praise more than (or as much as) a monetary reward. And to motivate children, nothing beats something bright and shiny that looks like money.

Employers use recognition tokens to motivate employees, dentists and orthodontists use them to reward patients for good check-ups, and teachers use tokens to positively reinforce good behavior at school.

Positive Reinforcement Tokens are Available from TokensDirect
Ice Vending Tokens
July 9, 2015

TokensDirect Currency services


Convenience Store Products
Ride Tokens E-News
June 11, 2015

Ride Tokens Offer Cash Control Solutions

Playmenter E-News June 10, 2015
Playmeter E-Article 5-21-15
May 21, 2015

Use Tokens for Positive Reinforcement

Playmeter E-Article 5-21-15
Let's Play Cafe Tokens
April 8, 2015

Tokens Help Let’s Play! Cafe Find Problem Machines


Replay Magazine April 2015
Produce Perks SNAP tokens
January 6, 2015

The Produce Perks program, which launched in May, makes local fruits and vegetables more accessible throughout Hamilton County. In partnership with The Ohio State University Extension Office, Produce Perks encourages low-income shoppers to choose fresh, healthful foods by matching Ohio Direction Card (an electronic benefits transfer card that replaced food stamps) expenditures dollar-for-dollar. At eight pioneering farmers’ markets, customers can swipe their card (up to $10 per day) to receive double that value in tokens for produce purchases in the market.

Produce Perks


Stock and Custom Tokens
November 1, 2014

Can Tokens Prevent the Spread of Germs? Anti-Microbial Effects of Copper Alloys Noted in Laboratory Studies


Cincinnati, OH –TokensDirect reports that copper  alloys (including brass, bronze, copper nickel, and nickel bronze - which are commonly used for arcade and amusements) have natural anti-microbial properties.  In controlled tests, 99.99% of dangerous bacteria were killed within 2 hours of contact.  

Replay Magazine November 2014
American Eagle Token
September 16, 2014

What Type of Tokens Should I Use? How to Choose the Right Tokens for your Car Wash.

There are over 60 different token types on the market and no "right" way to pick one. By law they can't be the same size as circulating coins. Here are some questions to help you get started:What type of tokens should I use for my car wash?

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