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Tokens can be used for almost any application - whether it's a coin operated business (like a car wash, Laundromat or family entertainment center) using them in place of quarters, a zoo helping to save the planet one token at a time or a brewery reviving a tradition that dates back to the 1800's. 

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Vacuum tokens
November 11, 2021

Cincinnati, OH –During the revamping of his BP Car Wash in Maumee, OH Mark Clarkson installed free vacuum stations as a way to reward his customers for their business.

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Custom Aluminun 4H tokens
October 20, 2021

Cincinnati, OH – Rewarding 4H members for participating in county fairs is a longstanding tradition in many areas.  At the Greene County Fair, 4H/FFA members earned cash prizes, or more recently paper “Fair Bucks” which could be redeemed anywhere on the Xenia, OH fairgrounds.  Though simple to design, produce and distribute the paper products are fragile – especially in the hands (and pockets) of teenagers.  This year, though, the “Fair Buck

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Custom Aluminum Festival Tokens
September 21, 2021

It's Festival Season - PROST!


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Calgary Corn Maze custom aluminum tokens
July 27, 2021


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Kristie Foundation custom aluminum coins
June 14, 2021

Cincinnati, OH – When organizers are planning major fundraising events simplicity is often a major goal.  From making it easy for patrons to gain entrance to the venue, to simplifying the process for buying food, drinks and entertainment, organizers live by the “Occam’s Razor” rule – the simplest solution is usually the best one.   So when Darrell Gilbert first visualized the idea of using custom tokens rather than cash as a way for patrons

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American Pride Custom Tokens
April 26, 2021


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Up Down Custom Tokens
April 7, 2021

TokensDirect Proudly Supports Up-Down Bar and Arcade in Their Quest to Celebrate All Covid-19 Vaccinated Patrons

Up-Down Bar and Arcade is offering 20 FREE gaming tokens, manufactured exclusively by TokensDirect, for anyone that shows their vaccination card at any of their six locations.

 | Source: TokensDirect

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Los Angeles Zoo carousel custom brass token
March 10, 2021

Tokens, which can be sold at a central location and then used throughout the venue site like cash, simplify cash control for anything from stand along carousels, to festivals, fairs and other entertainment venues. Since many of these events are staffed by volunteers, having a cashless exchange of good eliminates theft, simplifies transactions and minimizes accounting errors.

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Custom Dental Tokens
January 21, 2021

Custom or Stock Tokens Allow Dental Professionals To Reward Patients for Good Dental Health


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St Paul Farmer's Market custom token
January 13, 2021

Farmer’s Markets See Fruits of Token Usage


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Font Sizes
December 9, 2020

TokensDirect custom tokens range in size from 0.800″ (approximately the size of a US nickel) to 1.25". Our most popular size is 0.984", slightly larger than a US quarter. The size of the token influences how big the text can be, as does the image on the token. It’s important to determine what’s important when you design a token – is the image more salient than the text, is the text a dominant part of the design or an after thought, are the text and the image equally important? These are things to think about when you visualize your token.

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Tokens on a pinball machine
November 20, 2020

Change Shortage


Replay Magazine September 2020
Plain versus Reeded Edge
November 10, 2020

All coins and tokens have an edge. If you pull out the change in your pocket or wallet, you’ll notice that some of the edges are smooth, like on a penny or a nickel, and some have little ridges (or reeds) like on a dime or a quarter. 

Tokens are no different. When we mint coins/tokens, a blank metal disc is dropped into a collar. A collar  is a ring that keeps the metal from squirting out the sides with it is struck with the tons of force needed to produce a die struck coin. The inside edge of the collar can be smooth or have ridges.

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Quarters for Conservation voting booth
October 27, 2020

Brevard Zoo was a participant in the “Quarters for Conservation” project, where 25-cents from each admission funds a conservation project.  Since its inception on January 1, 2011 the program has generated $38,546 which has helped to fund 9 conservation projects.  But in addition to the money raised, the program is helping to educate visitors about conservation and how they can help.  Clearly those are more than token results.

The idea came from other American Zoological Association member zoos.  

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dog wash token
October 9, 2020

Lots of car wash owners have jumped on the idea of putting a dog wash in with their car wash.  A new standard dog wash token design from TokensDirect allows dog wash operators to take advantage of marketing and operational advantages that quarters or cash-based programs cannot match.  Unlike quarters, these new dog wash tokens can be minted with the facility name and logo on one side and a standard design on the other– creating a mini billboard with branding opportunities each time that they are seen with pocket change.

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