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How to Design Tokens

Custom Tokens

Ready to move up to personalized tokens? It's easy to brand arcade tokens, car wash tokens or pachislo tokens to your company by placing your logo on one side and one of our stock token designs on the other. All it takes is a 1-time die charge of $210 (per side) and an idea of what you want your token to look like. Tokens can also be customized on both sides. The price of the token die is based on supplied artwork and may vary.

We try to make creating your own tokens as easy as possible. Just email your logo and instructions and we’ll do the rest. Learn how to design tokens below.


EMAIL - You can email file attachments to Please include your company name in the subject line. Please contact sales toll free at 1-800-488-2646 if you have questions about your file size.

Artwork Information

All artwork shown in black will be raised on the coin. Half tones and shading cannot be reproduced on a token and should be eliminated.

Please proof all artwork carefully. Changes made after a die is started may require engraving a complete new die at the customer's expense.

Be sure to proof your art at actual token size. Things look very different when you shrink them down. If you can read a word in print, you can read it on a token.

Electronic art files should be 300 DPI (dots per inch) or more. We prefer files made in Adobe Illustrator (ie - a vector file), but can work with most file formats, including .JPGs.

All artwork is preferred in an IBM PC Compatible format. Mac files should be saved in a PC format when possible. Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop files are preferable.

Any necessary changes to art will be billed following the guidelines below.

Art Charges

Typeset and send paper proof $25 1 or 2 sides

Clean Up File and Typeset

Clean up low resolution digital files and add curved copy $50 1 side, $75 for 2 sides

Example of Cleaning Up Art and Adding Curved Copy

Re-illustrate photo as coin-ready vector images $100 1 side

Re-Illustrate Photo as Coin Ready Vector Artwork

New design from supplied image (possibly including some internet research) $125 per side

New Design from Supplied Drawing