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Tokens can be used for almost any application - whether it's a coin operated business (like a car wash, Laundromat or family entertainment center) using them in place of quarters, a zoo helping to save the planet one token at a time or a brewery reviving a tradition that dates back to the 1800's. 

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American Eagle Token
April 26, 2024

[Cincinnati, 4-26-24] – TokensDirect, a distinguished name in custom token manufacturing, proudly announces the continuation of its fruitful partnership with the Albany Carousel, a cherished community and cultural landmark.

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Osborne Coinage_TokensDirect headquarters
February 7, 2024

19th Century Biz Continues Product Relevancy into 2024

TokensDirect Touts Benefits of Tokens


Game token
October 2, 2023

By Jack Guarnieri

Jersey Jack Pinball &



Replay Magazine September 2023
Across Generations newsletter
July 13, 2023

Generations Arcade in Rochester, NH tapped TokensDirect to make custom brass 0.984" tokens for their arcade and a big event mid-July 2023. They were thrilled with the custom arcade tokens and even gave us a shout-out in their newsletter - Across Generations. Check it out!

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Pen and custom token
June 12, 2023

Cincinnati, OH, June 09, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Inspired by the golden era of video games, TokensDirect has created a limited-edition collectible token to accompany the launch of Tactile Turn's latest seasonal pen release, aptly named 8-Bit. The 8-Bit token is a meticulously designed masterpiece, crafted with the utmost attention to detail. This 0.900” brass collectible token features a retro-inspired design, reminiscent of the iconic gaming graphics from the 1980s.

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Stock brass token
March 3, 2023


Located at the southern edge of the Rocky Mountains, Red River, New Mexico bills itself as “a ski vacation paradise, summer vacation heaven, conference center and resort town all rolled into one.”  Tourists are clearly a big part of the town’s economy, and the public transportation system to move them around town is equally important. 

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Skill shot baby token and necklace
February 7, 2023


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car wash token compilation
January 13, 2023

We hear the same thing from car wash operators year after year, “I know I need to switch from quarters to tokens”. And once they make the switch, they can’t believe they waited.

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Custom carwash token
November 30, 2022


  1. Pick the material you need.
  2. Pick the size.
  3. Tell us the quantity (5,000 pc minimum for custom metal tokens).
  4. Decide if you want 1 or 2 custom sides. Each custom side has a 1-time set up charge or $210. If you use a stock design for which we already have tooling, there is no additional charge. If we need to make tooling for the stock design you want, the charge will be $105. 
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Carwash tokens
October 28, 2022

On average, tokens cost 40% to 50% of the coins they replace. Here's some simple math to determine how long it can take to recoup the cost of tokens. 

Cost of tokens  - $0.45 each

Quantity Ordered - 10,000

10,000 x $0.45 = $4,500

Total cost of the tokens - $4,500

Average Loss per Week - 2%-5%.

Value of the Tokens - $1.00

200 tokens x $0.45 + $90.00

$200.00 - $90.00 = $110 profit

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Stock brass tokens
August 18, 2022


TokensDirect is the Real Thing When It Comes to Token Manufacturing


TokensDirect Internal Article
Bowling stock design
July 20, 2022

New Bowling Token Designs Provide Promotional Opportunities, Added Profit Opportunities for Bowling-Related Venues


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Murphy Money tokens
June 8, 2022

Cincinnati, OH – Patients of Phoenix area orthodontist  Dr. Chris Murphy earn cool custom tokens each time they do something good like show up on time, brush properly, or earn A’s on their report card.  They even receive a piggy bank to save their “Murphy Money” in until they redeem it for valuable prizes.   Dr. Murphy calls this his Hygiene Incentive Program.

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Big Bunny custom tokens
May 3, 2022

What could be better than cold hard cash at your car wash?  Try Tokens!  Operators who have switched from coin-vend services to token-vend services are well satisfied with the move for reasons such as heightened security, increased profitability, unparalleled marketing opportunities, and more. Learn why you should use tokens over cash below!

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