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Tokens can be used for almost any application - whether it's a coin operated business (like a car wash, Laundromat or family entertainment center) using them in place of quarters, a zoo helping to save the planet one token at a time or a brewery reviving a tradition that dates back to the 1800's. 

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Drink tokens from TokensDirect
June 4, 2014

TokensDirect has a Solution for Tracking Drinks Served

TokensDirect has the solution for tracking drinks served at large events and reconciling expenses when the event is over. Every guest gets a predetermined amount of drink tokens (usually two or three) to redeem for drinks. At the end of the night, the number of drinks dispensed and token count should match.

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Custom Brass Golf Tokens
June 3, 2014

TokensDirect has Golf Tokens for FECs

TokensDirect offers golf-themed tokens both in standard designs, or customized with company name, logo and other marketing messages to provide unparalleled promotional opportunities. In addition to promotion of the venue itself, one side of the token can be used for a partner sponsorship to help defray the cost of the tokens.

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Vacuum with Token sign
May 28, 2014

Cincinnati, OH –During the revamping of his BP Car Wash in (Maumee, OH) 5 years ago, Mark Clarkson installed free vacuum stations as a way to reward his customers for their business.  Then, just a few short years later, he realized that this free service – which even non-customers could use - was costing him plenty.  “There were some people who were abusing it” recalls Clarkson, “they’d stay there all day.  It was eating me alive in vac motors and brushes.” 

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Custom Brass Golf Tokens
May 21, 2014

Golf Tokens from TokensDirect

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Token Conversion Kit
March 14, 2014

Token Conversion Kits from TokensDirect Eliminate the Worry in Changeover from Quarters or Dollars to Tokens

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American Pride Carwash custom tokens
October 17, 2013 one carwash owner switched from $1 dollar coins to high security tokens.

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Lucky Ducky Carwash custom token
October 17, 2013

A carwash owner switches to tokens because of vandalism and theft and couldn't be more pleased with the results.

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Moo Moo Car Wash Custom Tokens
September 4, 2013

Moo Moo Car Wash in Ohio uses tokens for cross-promoting their car wash and basic auto services like oil changes and tire rotation to build their business and promote customer loyalty.

National Oil & Lube News. June, 2103.
Water Master Car Wash custom tokens
April 13, 2013

Using high security tokens give a business owner peace of mind and an avenue for increasing his visibility in the local community and business with it.  

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July 12, 2012

Christian Moerlein Brewery mints custom beer tokens in a tradition dating back to the 1800's.

Modern Brewery Age Weekly. July 2012