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Tokens Help Farmers Navigate to More Profitable Operations

March 8, 2022
Custom corn maze tokens

Easily Customizable for Corn Mazes, Pumpkin Patches, Pumpkin-Fests and More


Custom tokens are an ideal replacement for paper tickets commonly used by corn mazes, pumpkin patches, pumpkin fests, petting zoos, and more because they offer streamline operations while increasing profitability.   Custom minted tokens present a more professional image, and offer unique marketing opportunities for seasonal attractions – serving as “mini billboards” each time that they are seen by customers and prospective customers.  They even have souvenir value and if sold but not redeemed – generate heightened profit margins.  Because they are durable, they can be re-used season after season, yet they cost the same as single-use serial-printed tickets, yielding a net savings from year 2 onward. 


Operationally they offer increased cash control as they are sold in a single location (typically the main entrance) which is staffed by an owner or trusted employee – eliminating accounting errors and the potential for theft. In addition to streamlining cash control, the tokens are gathered at the end of each day. This provides knowledge of how each of the stations are performing, which allows operators to make better decisions on the locations and types of stations to include.  This helps to gauge which attractions are the most popular, especially important because the make-up is likely to change each season.


Paper tickets, often used at unique seasonal destinations, are susceptible to the elements and human error. They fall out of pockets, get torn, or get wet. Conversely, tokens are durable and can be used season after season – so their marketing benefits will be experienced time and again from a single investment.


Because the tokens are custom minted, they are likely to evoke memories of customer’s time in the maze, even if they get taken home by accident.  Whatever memory the token brings to mind when it is viewed with the customer’s pocket change, it is well worth the small cost of the token itself, which can be bought in bulk for less than a quarter each. There is also an option for stock tokens in the $1, $2, $3, $4, and $5 style that have standardized art, so owners only pay one customization charge.


The professional atmosphere, increased cash control, elimination of accounting errors and employee theft, improved marketing, and increased souvenir value are clearly more than token benefits. 


TokensDirect, a division of Osborne Coinage Co, offers a full line of custom tokens through their online store with factory direct pricing, low minimum order quantities and fast turnaround time on all orders.  Whether stock or custom, every token is minted with crisply detailed impressions and accurate dimensions.  Large or small orders ship from a conveniently located Cincinnati mint, minimizing transit time and cost.  Many metals choices are available, including Brass, Red Brass, Nickel Silver, and aluminum, as well as nickel plating and bright color anodizing. 


To contact a Sales specialist at TokensDirect, call (800) 514-6312, or via mail to TokensDirect, 2851 Massachusetts Avenue, Cincinnati, OH  45225, or via e-mail at, or visit them online at to see tokens that ship in 1-2 days.


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