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Custom Carousel Tokens Can Simplify Cash Control and Generate Souvenir Cash Flow

March 10, 2021
Los Angeles Zoo carousel custom brass token

Tokens, which can be sold at a central location and then used throughout the venue site like cash, simplify cash control for anything from stand along carousels, to festivals, fairs and other entertainment venues. Since many of these events are staffed by volunteers, having a cashless exchange of good eliminates theft, simplifies transactions and minimizes accounting errors. Instead of low level employees accepting cash at out of sight booths, customers buy tokens at a secure central location staffed by trusted employees. The carousel tokens are then redeemed at vendor booths of activity locations throughout the venue.

Unlike paper tickets, durable tokens can be reused season after season, allowing event organizers to amortize their cost over years. Since they are impervious to moisture, tokens can be counted on standard weight counters – a vast time savings over paper ticket redemption and counting. In addition to the operational advantages of token based events, custom tokens also provide unequaled marketing and branding opportunities.

Carousel tokens can be purchased for pennies and sold for $1 or more, providing a guaranteed return for venue operator and event organizers. This low cost and high value ratio is heightened when “walkaways” – tokens which are sold but never redeemed – are included. When minted with venue or event logos, custom tokens an increased “souvenir appeal” further increasing the likelihood of unredeemed sales.

The Los Angeles zoo carousel is one such entity, creating a different custom token yearly, featuring one of the endangered animals at the zoo, raising awareness and creating an inexpensive souvenir from riding the zoo’s carousel. Sales of the tokens exceed the number of rides, with the additional cash funding not only the carousel operations but also conservation projects and other zoo endeavors. (See our stand alone story on the carousel here)

In addition to these operational advantages, custom carousel tokens provide significant promotional opportunities. They can be minted with logos, event dates and other marketing messages and then easily tied into other promotions. Unlike paper based products, tokens are very unique. When coupled with high perceived value, tokens are rarely discarded, allowing them to serve as branding tools for any venue or event. They can used in memorable mailers to create pre-even excitement – for example, redeem this tokens for one free admission or carousel ride. Each token is made in the USA and completely recyclable, making them ideal for “Green” locations and events

TokensDirect offers hundreds of standard design which can be easily customized. Their full line of tokens is available online at with factory direct pricing, low minimum order quantities and fast turnaround time on all orders. Hundreds of designs and sizes of stock tokens are available for immediate shipment, while custom tokens can be shipped within 10 business days.  Custom token reorders take just 5 business days.

Large or small orders ship from a conveniently located Cincinnati mint, minimizing transit time and cost. Many metal choices are available, including brass, red brass, nickel silver and aluminum, as well as nickel plating and bright color anodizing.

TokensDirect is a division of Osborne Coinage Co., American’s oldest private mint.  

New press releases highlighting token uses are added all the time. Please continue to check back for the latest white papers. If you'd like to speak with a sales specialist, call