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Using Tokens at Laudromats Brings in Greater Profits

January 31, 2022
Custom laundry token

Laundromat tokens can provide greater profits and reduced operating costs when used in place of quarters to run washers, dryers or vending machines within laundromats. Tokens are a natural deterrent to break-ins of coins boxes. In addition to eliminating the lost revenue from coin-box theft, the use of laundromat tokens also mitigates the cost of vandalism repairs, which are often more costly than the cash which is stolen.

An operational benefit of using tokens rather than quarters is manifest when insurance premiums are due. Token-based laundromats, which have far fewer incidents of break-ins or vandalism, report reduced insurance premiums when compared to similarly equipped coin-operated facilities, according to TokensDirect.

In addition to running the washers and dryers, laundromat tokens can also be used for vending of detergent, fabric softener, dryer sheets and other laundry needs, as well for vending of food and snacks. 

TokensDirect offers hundreds of stock designs and can easily customize tokens for a particular location with a logo, advertising message or contact information including phone number, website and e-mail. There is a one time charge set-up charge for this service.

Customized laundromat tokens take 10 business days for the first order and five business days for subsequent ones. Stock laundry machine tokens can be ordered at 

Large or small orders ship from the Cincinnati based mint, minimizing transit time and cost. Many metal choices are available including brass, red brass, nickel silver and nickel plated brass in a variety of popular sizes.  Give us a call for more details at 800-514-6312.


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