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How Tokens Pay for Themselves

October 28, 2022
Carwash tokens

On average, tokens cost 40% to 50% of the coins they replace. Here's some simple math to determine how long it can take to recoup the cost of tokens. 

Cost of tokens  - $0.45 each

Quantity Ordered - 10,000

10,000 x $0.45 = $4,500

Total cost of the tokens - $4,500

Average Loss per Week - 2%-5%.

Value of the Tokens - $1.00

200 tokens x $0.45 + $90.00

$200.00 - $90.00 = $110 profit

In less than 1 year (41 weeks) you've recouped your entire investment.

But wait, there's additional savings!

  • Less capital tied up in currency
  • Customers spend more time washing
  • Eliminated cross-play from competitors' tokens
  • Reduce the amount of damage caused by break-ins


And additional benefits!

  • Tokens weigh 60% less than quarters, resulting in less back breaking work
  • Cash boxes fill up slower, requiring less frequent service
  • Your carwash is no longer the "local bank" for people who need change
  • Tokens (especially high security tokens) can only be used at your facility
  • Tokens inflict less wear and tear on mechs and changers
  • Branded tokens act as "mini billboards", advertising your facility
  • Tokens don't require a trip to the bank and are readily available
  • Value can be changed quickly, without changing the actual tokens
  • Reduce employee skimming

If you have questions about how tokens can increase profits and how to make the change from quarters to tokens, give us a call. As the token experts, we're happy to help and provide information that will walk you through how to add tokens to the mix or to switch to tokens entirely. 

New press releases highlighting token uses are added all the time. Please continue to check back for the latest white papers. If you'd like to speak with a sales specialist, call