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Stock Designs

With an order of 5,000 tokens, our extensive selection of stock designs is available for your use at no charge. Shown are some of our most popular token designs. If you don't see something that fits your needs, please ask. We may have a design that will work.

NOTE: Not all designs are available in all sizes. Please call Sales to discuss making a die in a different size than shown.  All designs will work with any token metal. To refine the selection of available designs, please pick a size and /or use from the boxes on the left.

ICE (polar bear)
Design No.: 0372
Horseshoe Star
Design No.: 0400
No Cash Value Eagle
Design No.: 0401
Design No.: 0405
Eagle with Stars
Design No.: 0407
Ride Token
Design No.: 0408
Freedom (eagle with shield)
Design No.: 0424
Clown with dots
Design No.: 0426
Design No.: 0437
Win 1
Design No.: 0440
Win 1 Redeemable in Merchandise No Cash Value
Design No.: 0441
Horseshoe 4 Leaf Clover
Design No.: 0443