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Free Token Conversion Kit

TokensDirect Token Conversion Kit

With TokensDirect's FREE Quarter to Token Conversion Kit it’s never been easier to make the switch to tokens.

Operators have known the benefits of tokens for years [reduced vandalism and employee theft, increased per cap spend, plus pricing flexibility]. Now’s the time to join the 44 out of every 100 carwashes that already accept tokens. Request a token conversion kit today!


We will never sell or rent your information.

Choose one of 2 available kits below: Quarter Value or Dollar Value (higher security).

Limit 1 per company

Both kits come with:

  • Step by step instructions on choosing the right type of token
  • 16 pairs of sample tokens for set up and testing
  • Instructions on how to convert your bill changers and coin acceptors
  • 75 free token designs
  • One free custom die (money saving coupon worth $210!)

Supplies are limited. Kits will be mailed free of charge only to the first 100 responders. Act now and get started taking advantage of the benefits of making the switch.