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Pirate Themed Escape Room Rewards Customers with Gold Doubloons

September 23, 2019
Treasure chest stock design

Cincinnati, OH – Escape Rooms are becoming increasingly popular across the country, and a Florida facility has found a way to reward customers for successfully solving their Pirate Themed Escape Room - custom gold doubloons!  When patrons find the buried treasure – they get to take some pirate doubloons home as a souvenir, reinforcing the theme, and building the brand.  With a high perceived value, these “min-billboards” are kept rather than discarded, making them an effective marketing tool that reminds customers of the fun they had, (and perhaps prompt them to visit again) each time that the doubloons are seen in their pocket change, on the dresser or desk, or wherever they are kept.  In addition to pirate themed Escape Rooms, versatile custom tokens are ideal for many themed events including Mardi Gras/New Orleans, casino/gaming nights, anniversary celebrations, and more – their use is limited only by the imagination. Check out this Treasure Chest Token Design today!

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