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Mega Tokens Provide Operational and Marketing Advantages for Lasertag Adventures

September 20, 2017
Custom Brass Mega Tokens

Cincinnati, OH – When LaserTag Adventures of Waukesha added Mini Bowling and Lazer Frenzy attractions, Owner Bill Mann wanted an easy way to separate revenue streams between these newer attractions and their traditional arcade games.  He liked the idea of tokens for the nostalgic feel, but didn’t want customers fumbling with 8 or 12 quarter-value arcade tokens to begin play.  So, he opted for “Mega Tokens.” At 1.125 inches these are substantially larger than his .984” standard brass arcade tokens, making it fast and easy for employees and patrons to differentiate them. Aside from the operational advantages, the larger tokens also prominently display the LaserTag Adventures logo, providing better marketing opportunities. 


Mann knows that the main reason that customers visit is to play LaserTag.  But the arcade areas – including the new games – help to entertain patrons before their time in the arena.  Mann wanted to stay “top of mind” with customers between visits – and the logo’d tokens help him do that.  As customers see the LaserTag Adventures logo prominently displayed on the Mega Tokens mixed in with their pocket change or in cup holders, they are reminded of the fun they had – and can start planning a return visit. 


The Mega Tokens also provide another revenue stream.  With a landed cost of less than 30-cents each, and a sales price of $2.50 – each Mega Token that is sold but not redeemed nets Mann $2.20.  Mann discounts his Mega Tokens when purchased in volume, but even at the highest levels, there is ample profit to be had from “walkaways.”


For business already accustomed to token usage, Mega Tokens require no additional upfront cost after order. They are much more cost-effective than card systems, and they evoke customer nostalgia which cards never will.  Because of the size differential, employees can quickly distinguish between tokens and Mega Tokens, and thus differentiate between revenue streams.


Tokens Direct, a division of Osborne Coinage Co, offers a full line of tokens through their online store with factory direct pricing, low minimum order quantities and fast turnaround time on all orders.  Whether stock or custom, every token is minted with crisply detailed impressions and accurate dimensions.  Large or small orders ship from a conveniently located Cincinnati mint, minimizing transit time and cost.  Many metals choices are available, including Brass, Red Brass, Nickel Silver, and aluminum, as well as nickel plating and bright color anodizing. Check out this stock no cash value token design today!

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