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Ice Tokens Facilitate Sales

November 14, 2018
Custom Ice Tokens

Ice Tokens Simplify Vending for Regular, Repeat Customers


Cincinnati, OH – Self-serve ice vending machines are becoming quite popular in many locations including car washes and construction sites.  For regular ongoing customers, using an ice token for a vend rather than 8 quarters simplifies the process and saves customers from fumbling through a handful of change to fish out the quarters (not to mention potentially raiding the change machine to get quarters in the first place).   Most ice machines are already equipped with coin acceptors which can be programmed for the use of tokens, so no additional cash outlay is required other than the cost of the tokens themselves.  Standard (stock) designs are available, or they can be customized to include company logo, web address and marketing messages.  Additional information is available at


Ice vending machine owners also have the option of rewarding/incentivizing larger volume purchases with discount pricing – a free token with $20 for example.  Tokens can also be used promotionally – and given to prospective customers to try out the facility.   Some ice machine manufacturers also sell and stock tokens so interested parties should investigate that option too. If you are interested in purchasing similar tokens, check out our 0.900" Brass Ice Tokens.

New press releases highlighting token uses are added all the time. Please continue to check back for the latest white papers. If you'd like to speak with a sales specialist, call